Our large payload capabilities makes RigiTech perfect for a range of applications


We are specialist in sample collection and delivery, connecting laboratories, hospitals and clinics for a faster turnaround time. We ensure temperature control and traceability of the samples along the route. We also supply vaccines, blood, and medicines to outposts in hard to reach areas, offering the opportunity to centralize inventory, decrease waste and prevent stock-outs.

eCommerce & Postal

Our technology is another tool connecting the market to the consumer. Ensuring B2C and B2B deliveries are fast, reliable and on-demand sets you ahead of your competitors. Take away the worry and let us ensure your logistics.

Industrial & Spare Parts

Centralize your warehouse and increase your reach capabilities to new locations while simplifying your inventory.
Just-in-time deliveries will allow you to ship directly to your customers when they need it.

Emergency & Humanitarian

Our system is designed to deliver important supplies to those that need them most, even when infrastructure is limited. To be sustainable in developing contexts the technology must be robust, locally maintainable and affordable. Our unique service model ensures that operations are implemented for the long term with community involvement from the start.